Porchetta [por’ketta] is a savory and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition. Porchetta has been selected by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture as a traditional agricultural-alimentary product. Although popular throughout Italy, Porchetta is originally from Ariccia in the province of Rome being the town closely associated with. Across Italy, Porchetta is usually consumed as street food at public events, holidays and farmers markets as well as at shops serving only Porchetta. This is one of civilization’s earliest culinary specialties, dating back to the Roman Empire.

It is the quintessential Italian street food, roasted low and slow transforming a pork belly wrapped around a loin, rolled with herbs and spices into a delicious treat. The final product is then carved by hand to order and served on crusty ciabatta.

We at “Porchetta District” take pride in using only the best ingredients and produce available, sourced as locally as possible.

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